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HYUNDAI IHL is a leader in the automotive lamp field,  making the global automobile industry brighter,  with continuous change and innovation.

Welcome to the HYUNDAI IHL Web site! We are the leading automotive lamp manufacturer of HYUNDAI Motor Company. Thank you for visiting the HYUNDAI IHL Web site.

Since its foundation in October 1993,
HYUNDAI IHL has been committed to being
a leader of the automotive lamp industry.
After constructing the Daegu factory
and acquiring the Mold Center in 2012,
with the system annually producing
about 5.2 million automobiles,
HYUNDAI IHL makes all efforts to tighten
its grip on the global market
as a leading automotive lamp company.

Above all, HYUNDAI IHL focuses on high
customer satisfaction by securing top-quality
products while putting the customer value first,
and is dedicated to developing eco-friendly
and highly efficient technology
by forecasting customer needs.

In particular, the automotive lamp field is
being innovated through LED technology.
We develop an electric component business
by actively responding to the rapidly changing and
progressive pace of the industry.

In addition, all HYUNDAI IHL employees
make a new corporate culture through
continuous change and innovation.
We will continually strive to become
a company that is fully taking
its corporate social responsibility such as
creating a pleasant work environment,
growing with local communities, and taking
care of our neighbors in need.

As a company that makes the world brighter,
you will see us leading the way in the future.
We here at HYUNDAI IHL are ready
and willing to meet all your automotive
lamp requirements.
We hope that you will support us all the way.

Thank you very much.

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