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[Purpose and item of collecting / purpose of using personal information]
“Question” collects the minimum personal information.
Detailed purposes of collecting and using personal information are described as follows:
- Name, contact number (optional), e-mail: Checking the report contents and replying on the result
[Period of holding and using personal information]
The period of holding collected personal information is one month after the time of reporting to Question.
If a reporter requests deleting his/her personal information after his/her report to Question, HYUNDAI IHL will delete it immediately.
The information is instantly destructed so that it cannot be recycled.
However, in case of the following cases, personal information is held for the period stipulated in each item.
① The period of holding personal information is notified to a reporter, and the period has not yet expired.
② A reporter separately consents to the holding of his/her personal information.

I agree to give consent to the collection and use of personal information by HYUNDAI IHL.

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