Local communities and make the lives of employees happy

Doing corporate social responsibility and creating a great workplace is the primary responsibilities of HYUNDAI IHL.

We do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Great Workplace (GWP) activities to contribute to local communities and make the lives of employees happy.

CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility/GWP-Great Work Place

Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR, Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity indicates that social obligation and responsib ility, requested by the society to a company, is voluntarily performed. Carefully handling social concerns maintains the justification of corporate management activity and helps a company achieve its business goals.

HYUNDAI IHL performs various activities to take corporate social responsibility. Its main activities are described as follows:

  • Blood Donation

    Cooperating with the Korean Red Cross, HYUNDAI IHL conducts blood donation activities twice a year in Gyeongju, Daegu, and our Mold Center. The collected blood donor cards are given to nearby hospitals.

  • Donation

    HYUNDAI IHL also carries out visitations of orphanages / nursing homes in Gyeongju and conducts support activities.
    Furthermore, HYUNDAI IHL also holds volunteer activities and prepares Kimchi for the elderly in preparation for the wintertime, and carries out various activities with young children.

  • Support of Orphanages / Nursing Homes

    HYUNDAI IHL supports children of families without parents, and senior citizens who live alone by regularly providing supplementary living allowances and medical expenses.
    In addition, we provide books to children.

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