Mutual Cooperation

Companion for a Better Future

Hyundai IHL’s growth as Korea’s top automotive lamp manufacturer is led by its close cooperation with its partner companies.

HYUNDAI IHL promotes fair trade and mutual growth based on mutual trust and respect to configure a sound supply chain. HYUNDAI IHL believes that the growth and development of its partner companies makesour future better and brighter. Thus, it makes all efforts to improve competitiveness and build trust with its partner companies in all cooperation fields such as workforce, echnology, and quality. For this, HYUNDAI IHL supports its partner companies as follows

HYUNDAI IHL will segment its policies to support mutual cooperation/HYUNDAI IHL will focus on mutual cooperation to create values/HYUNDAI IHL will seek autonomous and market-friendly mutual cooperation.

Finally, the efforts will lead to the improvement of the parts competitiveness of partner companies, the enhancement of connection competitiveness based on trust, and the continuous innovation of the supply chain, and will allow HYUNDAI IHL and its partner companies to leap forward to becoming a world-class company.

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