Local communities and make the lives of employees happy

Doing corporate social responsibility and creating a great workplace is the primary responsibilities of HYUNDAI IHL.

We do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Great Workplace (GWP) activities to contribute to local communities and make the lives of employees happy.

GWP-Great Work Place/CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility

GWP (Great Work Place)

Great Workplace (GWP) refers to a company providing its employees with an excellent working environment by creating a corporate culture based on trust, communication, pride, and fellowship; placing confidence in their organizations and colleagues; and maintaining self-esteem. Employees develop a spirit that embraces challenges, without fear of trying out new things.

HYUNDAI IHL performs various activity programs, as follows, to make a great workplace.

  • Wednesday is the day for home

    From the point of view that being happy at work begins with having a harmonious family, we make each Wednesday a day for home. During the said day, HYUNDAI IHL encourages its employees not to go overtime at work and regularly comes up with various activities that would let them enjoy happy time with their family.

  • Refresh leave for three days and two nights

    From the point of view that trust and communication between employees result to high performance, HYUNDAI IHL gives its employees a refresh leave for three days and two nights. Employees can visit Jeju-do, Seoul, or Gangwon-do, and enjoy a pleasant time with their colleagues by communicating and mingling with them as well as taking a rest.

  • Efforts to Create a Non-smoking Workspace

    HYUNDAI IHL conducts a non-smoking campaign throughout the company for the health management of our employees. To create a completely non-smoking workspace, HYUNDAI IHL operates a non-smoking clinic in connection with a medical clinic near our workspace, and obtains written oaths of non-smoking from our employees. Lastly, non-smoking tests are conducted on employees who quit smoking.

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