Quality & Environmental Safety Policy

Quality Management System

HYUNDAI IHL devotes itself to meeting the requirements of customers for global top-quality products.

HYUNDAI IHL operates its own quality management system and an organization dedicated to the system, and declares “top quality” as its management policy every year.

The quality management procedure

Development Quality/Production Quality /New Automobile Quality / Quality for Overseas Customers

Development / New Automobile Quality

With the input of our customers, HYUNDAI IHL resolves quality issues that occur during product development, and handles quality requirements and problems until the mass production of a new model.

Production Quality

Plays the role of a gate in handling quality problems by linking customers and the field, and preventing the reoccurrence of the problems

Quality for Overseas Customers

Plays the role of a mediator between overseas customers and the field to assure the quality of complete knockdown(CKD) supplied to overseas nations.

Quality certificates of HYUNDAI IHL

  • TS 16949 quality certificate

Safety and Environment Management

Under the current environment management system, in which environmental issues are important to all companies around the world, eco-friendly products and energy reduction are critical to the existence of businesses as well as corporate social responsibility.

HYUNDAI IHL sets an enterprise policy and establishes a system for actively protecting the environment, which is globally promoted by companies.
It acquired the ISO 14001 environmental management standard in March 2005.
It repetitively performs the PDCA virtuous cycle procedure, which is composed of four stages—Plan, Do, Check, and Action—to significantly improve the environment of its workspaces.

Also, to minimize environmental impacts and risks that may occur during management or production activities, HYUNDAI IHL performs fire prevention activities, provides health and safety education every quarter, regularly checks if the safety regulations are being complied with, and assesses environmental (vibration, noise) impacts with HYUNDAI Motor Group.

Safety and Environment Policy

Comply with environment-related regulations and meet customer requirements/Transparently disclose our policies, goals, and activities/Prevent disasters and minimize risk factors

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