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Rear Multicolor Injection Mold

Two- or three-color raw materials melted (clear, red, and black (amber)) are flowed into and joined with the mold fixed in an injector to eject the lens.
The mold is called rear multicolor injection mold.
HYUNDAI IHL’s multicolor injection mold adopts the turntable type that molds a product by rotating a template using one injector and flowing two or more types of raw materials.
To meet the two- or three-color product design requirements of customers, precise technology and various mold structures are applied. We aim at reducing costs through improved productivity.
HYUNDAI IHL manufactures mold based on continuous technology innovation. Its main customers are HYUNDAI Motor Company, Kia Motors Corporation, and other overseas OE automobile companies.

Three-color Mold Rear Combination Interior

RCL Inside Three-color Lens - Up/Down

Three-color Mold Rear Combination Exterior

RCL Outside Three-color Lens - Up/Down

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