1. Injection Molding

Injection Molding

In general, injection molding refers to the process of pressing plastic resin melted with high pressure in a mold, and cooling and solidifying it to create a molding.
Injection is classified into a multicolor or general injection machine. In case of a multicolor injection machine, two colors (red and transparent) or three colors (red, transparent, and another color) are emitted simultaneously.
In case of a general injection machine, only one color (gray or transparent) is emitted.
The injection process is an important factor when deciding about the exterior quality of a product.
Thus, high-level technology is needed.

Configuration of Injection Molding

Configuration of Injection Molding info
Raw material

Classified into Thermoplastic resin and Thermosetting resin

Thermoplastic resin -
The raw material is melted, molded, and cooled to obtain a desired shape, and the material can be recycled.

Thermosetting resin -
After molding the raw material, a desired product can be obtained, but the material cannot be recycled.

Injection mold A frame to make a product of a desired shape with melted raw material.
Injection machine It is a piece of mechanical equipment that allows a plastic material to be melted and injected into a mold from a high-pressure nozzle to produce a desired product.
Molding condition

The general conditions of an injection machine and an injection mold to make a product of a desired shape.

(e.g., pressure, speed, distance, time, temperature, etc.)

Other facilities

Other facilities connected to an injection machine or an injection mold to meet proper molding conditions.

(e.g., dryer, chiller, water heater, etc.)

10 Factors of Injection Molding

Molten resin temperature,Temperature gradient,Dwelling,Dwelling time,Mold temperature,Filled injection speed,Switchover point,Back pressure,Screw Rotation speed,Dwelling gradient

Injection Process Flow

Multicolor Injection

Resin moisture/dryness/Injection process - Product molding/Multicolor Injection Product molding/Stuffing/release standby/Go Assembly Process

General Injection

Resin moisture/dryness/General Injection Product molding/Injection-molded part inspection/Go Deposition Room or Go Coating Room

2. Surface Treatment 3. Assembly
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