Main Process Flow of Mold Manufacturing

  • Product Design (Research Center)

    Product Design Review / forming analysis → Rear combination lens design

  • Mold Design

    Mold Design Review / structure / production → Rear combination lens production verification and mold manufacturing design

  • CAM / CNC Processing

    [CAM] Configuration / optic surface/standardized product → Lens mold CNC program processing tool and process data design

    [CNC Procesing] → Lens surface process and mold base structure process

  • 3D Measurement

    CNC-processed product size verification → 3D verification of mold process

  • Electrical discharge machining

    CNC residual / rib angle configuration → Angular section through the thermal process and the spark process

  • Mapping / Assembly

    Core input, up / down assembly → Complete assembly after matching the mapping, assembly, and up/down surfaces one by one of each completely processed part

  • Lapping (DC #8000)

    Cavity plate / main core → Mirror surface mapping to improve product quality

  • Initial test injection

    Product exterior / mold production → Mirror surface mapping to improve product quality

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