Personnel System

Title System

Office Work - New Employee / After 4Year Assistant Manager / After 4Year Manager / After 5Year Deputy General Manager / After 5Year General Manager

Research Division - Engineer  / After 4Year Assistant Research Engineer / After 4Year Research Engineer  / After 5Year Senior Research Engineera / After 5Year Principal Research Engineer


  • Regular promotion : HYUNDAI IHL regularly deliberates on the promotion of qualified people for different titles.
  • Special promotion : HYUNDAI IHL promotes a person with good standing and performance earlier under the flexible annual promotion system.


  • HYUNDAI IHL evaluates the capacity and performance of its employees twice a year.
    ※ The evaluation result is applied in all areas of personnel management such as promotion, training, and compensation.


  • HYUNDAI IHL has an annual salary system that is based on fair evaluation.
  • We fairly evaluate the performance of the organization of an employee as well as his/her personal capacity and performance, and differentially give them incentives.
  • The differential system has a positive effect in terms of motivating the employees and improving their loyalty to the company.
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