Talent Training

HYUNDAI IHL trains global talents on leadership based on management knowledge and job expertise in the field of automobiles.

Direction for Talent Training

Train talents who can look at a problem from a broader perspective, analyze its causes, and resolve it creatively /Seek both individual growth and organization performance - Enhanced leadership (Improve the leadership capacity of each title according to individual roles), Customized professional (Job capacity strengthening program according to expertise improvement and job growth path)

Talent Training System

Talent Training System
  HMG Education Six Sigma Advanced Management Corporate Culture Technology Competitiveness Improvement Education Job Training Language Education
Executive Education for Newly Promoted Employees CL Creative Leadership New Executive Start-up     IGM Education            
General Manager/ Team Chief New Team Chief Build-up IGM Delivery Education GB (Green Belt) BB (Black Belt) IGM Delivery Education Book Learning Education by Guest Lecturer/ External Corporate Education and Training Internal Technology Education TECH TUBE Essential Course Online Language Education
Deputy General Manager   Reading Relay
Assistant Manager    
New Employee          
Incoming Employees Education for incoming employees
  • - Education for incoming employees / experienced personnel
  • - Online reading education
  • - Corporate education and training for incoming employees
  • - Six sigma YB (Yellow Belt)

※ TECH TUBE : Employees watch video lectures to learn about automobile technology to improve their technological competitiveness

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