Privacy Policy

Hyundai IHL (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Company’)gives the highest priority to each customer’s personal information and strictly complies with the ‘Personal Information Protection Act’.
Furthermore, the Company clearly identifies where & how your personal information is used and notifies every possible action to protect your personal information through its Privacy Policy.
If the Company revises the Privacy Policy, it will notify such revision through the Notice on its website(or individual notices).
This Policy will be become effective immediately upon June 25, 2015.

1. Personal Information to be Gathered

The Company collects the following personal information.

  • A. At the Data Receipt Process [Customer Service] : Name, birth date, e-mail address, contact (wired or wireless phone number)
    In addition, the following data may be generated and accordingly collected during any service or process.
  • B. Service-use records, login log, cookie, login IP information

2. Personal Information Gathering Method

3. Purpose of personal Information Gathering & Application

4. Sharing & Disclosure of Personal Information with & to a Third Party

5. Outsourced Processing of Personal Information

6. Personal Information Retention & Use Period

7. Scrapping of Personal Information

8. User & Legal Representative Rights and their Exercise Method

9. Installation/Management of Automated Personal Information Gathering Tools and its Refusal

10. Personal Information Safety Measures

11. Personal Information Manager or Personal Information Division

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